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Our goal is to become a preferred pine straw vendor by delivering quality pine straw product at competitive pricing.


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"The Final Touch for
Gardens & Landscapes"

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About Custom Pine Straw & Our Services

pine straw deliveries across the united states
Custom Pine Straw has been a wholesale producer and vendor of quality pine straw products since 1997. We are a growing business because we understand the importance of producing and delivering a high-quality pine straw product.

Since 1997 our business has grown to serve customers in most states across the Unites States. Customers located in the southeastern states (including Virginia and Arkansas) rely on our 95 percent overnight delivery guarantee on orders placed by 5 p.m. This is especially important to them during the spring when pine straw is at peak demand for gardening and landscaping.

Pine straw awareness is increasing as a beautiful and natural alternative for mulch and ground cover by home owners and landscape professionals alike. From our internet and web marketing we receive calls from as far north as New York and Rhode Island, in the Midwest, and as far west as the state of Washington. While we deliver to most states, individual state agriculture regulations might prevent us from delivering pine straw to all states.

At Custom Pine Straw we don't need to become the largest pine straw producer and distributor, but as we grow we’re prepared to be the best!

Customer Service

  • In business since 1997
  • Orders taken 24/7


  • Over 18,000 acres of leased pine forest in North Florida and South Georgia
  • Producing over 4 million bales of pine straw per year

Delivery and Freight Services:

  • 30 road tractors
  • Over 900 van trailers
  • 2 step deck trailers
  • Delivering pine straw and providing back haul services to and from 37 states in the lower 48


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