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Now Featuring Round Pine Straw Bales!

buy round pine straw bales

While square pine straw bales are great for mostly every application, homeowners and landscaping professionals are now choosing round pine straw bales.

Round pine straw bales are perfect and ideal for large scale landscaping projects.

Landscapers can save about about 30 - 40% of their current labor costs by using round pine straw bales because it's much easier and faster to spread. Round bales can be rolled out just like a bale of hay and set to the preferred depth of 3" with a pitchfork or by hand.

Our Round Pine Straw Bales:

  • Has a consistent size and weight.
  • Have 2.2 times the capacity of square pine straw bales.
  • Covers 135 - 150 square feet per bale.
  • Weigh approximately 36 - 38 pounds.
  • Is easier to install due to being "rolled out" rather than "shaken out".
  • Has zero loss of the product because it "rolls out" exactly where you want it.
  • Contains cleaner pine straw (with less leaves, twigs and debris).

Do you want to handle a bunch of these?


Or 1 of these?

Round pine straw bales

"Pine straw bale" is often misspelled as:

  • Pinestraw bale
  • Pine straw bail
  • Pinestraw bail

But the correct spelling is:

pine straw bale

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