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Pine Timber Land Owners Wanted

Wanted timberland owners; lease your timberland tract for the production of pine straw

Ask about our aggressive land owner lease pricing (386) 935-6933

Make more money from your pine timber tracts with Custom Pine Straw! Our aggressive lease program provides you with ongoing care of your pine timber and additional revenue from your pines.

Having us manage your pine timber not only improves the look, growth ability and quality of your pine trees, it provides our customers with the best quality pine straw product. Whether you’re just planting your pines or have a more mature pine tract call Custom Pine Straw.

You'll like doing business with us!
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  • Strict management of pine tracts,
  • 3 to 10 year lease options,
  • we mow,
  • we spray,
  • we fertilize on a cost-share basis,
  • we'l remove hardwoods,
  • remove garbage,
  • and provide treatment and care for damaged trees.

Ask about our aggressive land owner lease pricing (386) 935-6933

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Our pine straw is

hand raked, cleaned and baled ensuring the best quality of pine straw ...

Our pine straw is

delivered to 37 of the lower 48 states by the truckload ...

Our pine straw is

delivered by our own fleet of trucks and trailers and our drivers work directly for us ...

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